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It takes skill, experience, personality and ambition to become a master chef or well known food personality. Find out how your favorite food icon became what they are today and where they're going tomorrow.

A Biography of Anthony Bourdain
He’s tough, he’s cool, he’s been to hell and back, and for the past 10 years he’s been traveling around the world. Once a humble dishwasher, Anthony Bourdain has built a successful career as a chef, writer and television personality.

Mario Batali Biography
Mario Batali, the zealous and stylish star of the Food Network, has become one of the most recognizable chefs in America.

Jamie Oliver Biography
Celebrity Chef Biography

Giada de Laurentiis Biography
iada de Laurentiis is the charming host of the Food Network's Everyday Italian, Weekend Getaways, and Giada at Home.

Emeril Lagasse Biography
Emeril Lagasse, CEO of the Emeril Empire, is the definition of celebrity chef and has changed how most of the world sees restaurants and culinary professionals.

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