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All About Eggs

Varieties, Uses, Terminology, and More


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Eggs are truly in a category of their own when it comes to food. Their nutritional content and chemical properties make eggs an important part of many recipes. Get the facts on eggs, varieties, uses, terminology, and more. You'll be an "egg-spert" in no time!

General Egg Info

Egg Glossary
Are you confused by all of the terminology used on egg packaging? Learn about egg grades, pasteurization, free-range and more!

Egg Size Conversions
Your recipe calls for large eggs but you only have jumbo in your refrigerator. What do you do? Consult this handy egg size conversion chart to find out how many eggs to use in your recipe while maintaining the same volume!

How to Tell an Egg is Fresh
Unlike many food items, you cannot tell an egg's freshness just by looking at it. Use these methods to test your eggs for optimum freshness!

Cooking With Eggs

How to Order Eggs
With hundreds of ways to cook eggs, they have a menu language all of their own. Learn the various cooking methods and associated terminology so that you can order eggs just the way you like them.

How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs
Are your hard boiled eggs plagued with green yolks or exploding shells? Read through this step by step photo tutorial on how to make perfect hard boiled eggs every time.

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