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Food Terminology

Nearly every culture and language has contributed to the culinary dictionary. Decode your recipes with these easy to understand definitions.
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À la Carte
What is a la carte? You probably hear the expression "a la carte" quite a lot. In the culinary arts, a la carte refers to ... Read the definition of a la carte.

Al Dente
What is al dente? You've probably heard the expression "al dente" used to describe pasta. In the culinary arts, al dente refers to ... Read the definition of al dente.

What is Aperitif? In the culinary arts, an aperitif is a cocktail or alcoholic beverage that is specifically served at ... Read the definition of aperitif.

Sauté defined: To cook something quickly over direct heat with a small amount of oil.

Sous Vide
What is sous vide cooking? Definition of sous vide cooking.

A tian is a popular way to eat roasted vegetables.

Definition of temper

What is Bitterness?
Bitterness on its own is not a desirable flavor, but when combined with other elements it can be used to create a complex and enjoyable flavor palate.

What is Umami?
Umami is one of the five taste sensation and can be described as savory, meaty, or brothy. Although its flavor is subtle, it plays a major roll in the sensory experience of eating.

What is the FDA?
The FDA is responsible for ensuring public health by regulating food, drugs, and tobacco.

What is Irradiation?
Irradiation is a method of extending the shelf life and reducing pathogens in food through exposure to ionizing radiation.

What is Pasteurization?
Many food products, including dairy, juices, beer, and wine are pasteurized to reduce the number of pathogenic organisms and prevent food borne illnesses.

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