1. Food

Food Safety Facts and Tips


Microorganisms love food as much as we do, but they can also make us sick. Find out how to keep your food safe by reducing contamination and minimizing bacterial growth. Keep your food enjoyable and safe!
  1. Expiration Dates and Storage
  2. Times and Temperatures
  3. Safe Handling

Expiration Dates and Storage

Safe storage and expiration dates can help keep your food safe. Learn how long to keep your food and how to determine when it's time to discard it.

Times and Temperatures

Cooking food to the correct temperature and for the correct amount of time is an important step to keeping food safe. Every food is unique, so be sure to check these quick reference charts to determine how long and how hot to heat your food.

Safe Handling

Even when food is cooked properly, mishandling can cause contamination and lead to food borne illnesses. Use these tips on how to handle food safely from the time of purchase to preparation and storage.

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